Will You Be My Dox-entine?

February 14, 2012
Apparently this using-up-all-my-legal-pads-while-only-half-listening-to-webinars thing has become a whole...you know, "Thing," because look at how I am back! And it hasn't even been a whole year! Am I on something? Or have I just been subjected to a lot of webinars...


In Which I Take Notes

February 03, 2012
I tried to publish this picture on the Facebook page, which is where I've been doing the majority of my chatting lately (majority = all), but then it was too big, and so you couldn't really see it. And I...


You Get What You Pay For

August 08, 2011
A few weeks ago, we did the great chip-tasting-thing, and I think I came up with a name for it at the time (chip off? Chip Off of the old something? I forget that particular cleverness, possibly forever), and I've...


For What It's Worth

July 28, 2011
This entry was originally posted on June 18, 2005. It's been six years. *** About a month ago, our friends Noah and Ash came over for a small, intimate, us-only dinner party at my parents' house, because my parents were...


I Find Your Lack Of Drawer Dividers Disturbing

July 22, 2011
So, as I have mentioned (or, probably it is better to say “bitched about unendingly”) over on the Facebook page, I recently had the overwhelmingly stupid idea to organize my craft room. It had been getting cluttered, and was becoming...


Shit My Friends Said

July 01, 2011
And also me. But we will get to that. Woo, journaling! So, know what is the funniest part of that last entry? The fact that uniquity is actually a word. Not according to spellcheck, but spellcheck also doesn’t think that...


In Which I Slander Robert Frost And The Dictionary Guy

June 27, 2011
So, I’ve been thinking about this website, and about how sometimes, very large chunks of time go by between me inadvertently committing a felony and Brian sealing a live animal in our wall, and when that happens, this site just...


It's Not The End Of The World As We Know It

May 22, 2011
And I do feel fine, as a matter of fact. Even though I very much agree with Roger Ebert's assessment of the whole debacle: "Think what could have been done with the $100 million spent to advertise Rev. Harold Camping's...


Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money

April 04, 2011
Actually, we already have lawyers and guns. Just send cash! Because, thanks to me being a complete and total disaster as a grown-up, I have none. And also I am slightly a felon. Hi! It has been a busy week!...


I'm Going To Feel Really Guilty About This If He Kills His Fool Self

February 28, 2011
But in the meantime, before I am wracked by guilt and have to learn how to do penance or something, and seeing as he's so Cured and all, can we just enjoy the beauty of Charlie Sheen's words, as related...


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It's Friday Night! Do you know where your Viking Baby is?

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You Can't Have It All, J.C. Wiatt! No One Can!

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We Wish You A Merry Christmas

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Miss Truvy, I promise that my personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good hair.

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Goodbye, Girl

Saturday 12.09.06
Doxie Drama

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"Dammit, Janet!"

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Walking in a Wiener Wonderland

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Uh, Keepeth Thy Mastercardeth Prepared...Eth

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Prepare Thy Mastercard

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Quality Is Overrated

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Look! Bad Limerick Wednesday!

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Look Who Is So Full Of Ideas Today!

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Talk To Your Doctor Today!

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Hell Freezes Over; Dukay Responsible

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And Then Kubla Khan Said We Should All Just Look At A Puppy

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Monday 06.19.06
I Compromise My Artistic Integrity, Plus Doodling

Monday 06.05.06
And I Lived Happily Ever After, Too, But That Is Probably Thanks To The Wine.

Tuesday 05.30.06
Impossible. I just can't believe how good your work is.*

Thursday 05.11.06
Probably The Sort Of Thing That Gave Alfred Hitchcock That Whole Idea

Wednesday 04.26.06

Wednesday 04.05.06
Seriously, You Guys, It Wasn't My Skull

Monday 04.03.06
The Correct Answer To This Question Is Oh My God, Stop Thinking About This Right Now, You Crazy Woman.

Wednesday 03.22.06
I Say Potato, But That Is Kind Of All I Say

Thursday 03.09.06
Jack! Necklace! Elvis! Bail!

Monday 03.06.06
March 6th

Tuesday 02.21.06
Sound and Fury of Bo, Take Two: Veterinary Boogaloo

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You Deserve To Be Adored

Friday 01.27.06
Happy Anniversary! To Me.

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Everything Falls Apart

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Placeholders are boring

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The Sound and the Fury (of Bo)

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Haaaaaaaappy New Year!

Sunday 12.25.05
Happy holidays...

Monday 12.19.05
Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home

Friday 12.16.05
Uh Oh.

Thursday 12.15.05
Yeah, You Better Watch Out.

Wednesday 12.14.05
new! Entry! Coming! Afternoon!

Tuesday 12.06.05
A Series Of Vignettes That Will Tell You Way More Than You Want To Know About My Brain

Thursday 12.01.05
Apparently this is now a shopping blog, plus bonus complaining about Dukay's pants: Updated Pretty Much 900 Times, So Check For New Shit

Saturday 11.26.05
Welcome To The Winter Of My Discontent (With Links!)(And updated seventy times!)

Friday 11.18.05
Law Students, You Are Asking For Trouble, And I Am Now Forced To Bring It.

Wednesday 11.16.05
AB Is Brilliant, But I Am Not.

Thursday 11.10.05
Live! LIVE!

Monday 11.07.05
Well, It's About Damn Time

Sunday 10.23.05
A Request From The Folks At Home

Thursday 10.13.05
Status Of Toe, Interrupted By A Totally Unrelated Story About Musical Theater

Wednesday 10.05.05
Honestly, The Things I Do To Have Something To Write About

Tuesday 10.04.05
Oh, I'm Just High On LIFE

Tuesday 09.20.05
Postcards From the Edge

Saturday 09.10.05
Kythryne, Your Secret Pal Says Hi

Tuesday 09.06.05
When I Said "Monday Night", What I Meant Was "Tuesday Night, Really Really Really Late"

Thursday 09.01.05
Doxie Dolittle

Wednesday 08.31.05
Scary Beach Crime Scene Photos; Pandering; Hello!

Tuesday 08.30.05
This Post Is Brought To You By The Fact That The Power Finally Came Back On In The Fucking Hotel

Monday 08.22.05
Apparently, I Just Broke

Wednesday 08.17.05
Wardrobe Junction, What's Your Malfunction?

Saturday 08.13.05
Two posts in two days? WHAT THE HELL

Friday 08.12.05
R. Kelly Made Me Do It

Monday 08.08.05

Thursday 07.28.05
What All That Education Got Me

Wednesday 07.27.05
This is what you get when THE INTERNET DIES.

Wednesday 07.13.05
Well, Here's That Third Thing I Was TOTALLY EXPECTING.

Friday 07.08.05
How Can A Four Day Week Be So Loooooooong?

Thursday 07.07.05
Best Wishes

Friday 07.01.05
Someone needs to come save me from myself, like, today

Sunday 06.26.05
And now, back to our regularly scheduled shopping

Saturday 06.18.05
For What It's Worth

Monday 06.13.05
Revenge of the...Something.

Tuesday 06.07.05
Directions, Shmirections. (Or...Erections! Ha. That's funny to me.)

Saturday 05.28.05
Driving Miss Doxie

Thursday 05.19.05
Rise of the Machines, Part II

Monday 05.09.05

Thursday 04.28.05
The Thing With The Bug

Wednesday 04.27.05
Moving Sucks

Tuesday 04.26.05
Still! Sinking! In!

Tuesday 04.26.05
Reality Seems To Have Sunk In Around 12:57 p.m.

Tuesday 04.26.05
Sometimes Change Is Good

Sunday 04.17.05
All This Can be Yours, For Only $275 A Night!

Wednesday 04.06.05

Tuesday 03.29.05
You should probably just go read something else

Sunday 03.27.05
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? And...Breakfast?

Thursday 03.17.05
Because really, what else are you going to do on a Thursday morning?

Monday 03.14.05
In Which I Never Learn

Thursday 03.10.05
Vay-Cay-Shun, All I Ever Wanted

Sunday 03.06.05
Go , Shorty

Wednesday 03.02.05

Saturday 02.26.05
But Seriously, Folks

Friday 02.25.05
Once Upon A Time, Not So Long Ago

Saturday 02.19.05
Admissions Department, Part One

Monday 02.14.05
Happy VD!

Thursday 02.10.05
An Entry Where I Actually DO Buy Shoes Online

Monday 02.07.05
Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson

Thursday 02.03.05
Anna Beth is the most brilliant person IN THE WORLD

Tuesday 02.01.05
In which I hardly complain AT ALL, and everyone is amazed

Tuesday 01.25.05
Being Big, And, Apparently, DULL as FUCK

Monday 01.17.05

Thursday 01.13.05
On the wings of love

Friday 01.07.05
This Way to Crazy

Wednesday 01.05.05
Yet Another Entry Where Satan Makes A Guest Appearance

Sunday 01.02.05
How Not To Take Down Your Christmas Tree

Friday 12.24.04

Friday 12.17.04
I said maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me

Friday 12.10.04
In which I use the "F" word more times than is probably legal in many states.

Tuesday 12.07.04
Christmas is in the air, and on my Mastercard

Sunday 12.05.04
It slices! It dices!

Friday 12.03.04
Even bad words look pretty on Movable Type!

Friday 12.03.04
New and Improved!

Friday 12.03.04

Thursday 12.02.04

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