About Miss Doxie

Smile smile smile.

Hello! I am Miss Doxie. This is my site.

I am an attorney living in Atlanta with my two very short, very bad dachshunds. I write about their shortness and their badness with some regularity. My parents, who a few miles away, have another three very short, very bad dachshunds. If you have not already done this math problem in your head, I will save you the trouble by noting that this brings the short/bad total to five when we are all together. When my sister is in town, and is in possession of her own bad dachshunds, the total hits seven. That is because we are crazy.

On this site, you will meet many people. You will learn about about Ziz, my hot little sister who got all the boobs in the family. Ziz is currently living in L.A., which is a tragedy. I am forever scheming to get her home and force her to move into my house with me, where we will make fun of makeover shows and drink a lot. Unfortunately for me, Ziz is having a great time in L.A., and recently got engaged to Bob, who is awesome and who has not fled in fear from the craziness that is the Doxie brood. Good on you, Bob!

I have a lot of real-life, see-in-person friends who appear on this website. AB is the gorgeous and talented Anna Beth from Hashai. Al is the gorgeous and talented Al of Hate Your Daddy. Hannah is gorgeous and talented Hannah Beth from Journey of a Girl, and the gorgeous and talented Robyn from A Damn Thing. Other see-in-person friends you may see here are Cookie and Spam - Cookie is another attorney at my firm, and conveniently, my best friend (see? Convenient!) and Spam is her husband. And then there's Maggiannie, whom I technically met when we were still in the womb. I mean, different wombs, but you know. That is still really early in life, and I am not here to split hairs, people.

I started keeping this website when I first graduated from law school. I update...uh, not frequently, exactly, but as often as I can. Weekly-ish. I have no great master plan. Maybe one day I will write a book. Maybe if you would like to hand me a publishing contract on a silver platter, I would do it sooner. Otherwise, I will probably just hang out and drink some more.

You should know that I fall down a lot, that I cannot pronounce "apocalypse", and that I hate it when people get that "Copacabana" song stuck in my head. You should also know that I love painting and listening to Johnny Cash, and getting that song "Copacabana" stuck in other peoples' heads.

In fact, did you know that her name was Lola? Did you know that she was a showgirl?

Then I think my work here is done.

Feel free to email me at webmaster@missdoxie.com. And please leave comments if you are so inclined; I love to read them, because I am kind of a nerd like that. Also, I love to read them because y'all are frequently funnier than I. WAY TO SHOW ME UP, PEOPLE. GOD.

Anyway. That's...it, apparently. I hope you enjoy the site, and thanks for coming around!


Miss Doxie Won Some Awards One Time, Too