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Will You Be My Dox-entine?

February 14, 2012

Apparently this using-up-all-my-legal-pads-while-only-half-listening-to-webinars thing has become a whole...you know, "Thing," because look at how I am back! And it hasn't even been a whole year! Am I on something? Or have I just been subjected to a lot of webinars lately? Including some in which I was the actual speaker, but that did not stop me from doodling as I talked about Critically Important Legal Changes that could get you eaten? You decide! I lead a glamorous life.

Anyway, I decided to make some Valentines for you. They are my pets' versions of famous poems. Apparently all of my pets have English degrees, which probably explains why they are unemployed (cheap shot!) (P.S.: don't email; I was an English major, too. Which you probably gathered by the total cohesiveness and lack of run-on sentences in my entries, and also, how for about three weeks when I first started blogging I tried using all lower-case letters like I was the blonde reincarnation of e.e. cummings, and now I shudder in revulsion at my history as a living cliche, and believe me when I say that my older self went back and fixed THAT shit with a quickness). Anyway (ANYWAY), I drew you these pitchers, and they are more fun than webinars. And, as always, all are based on true events. At least there were no bunnies harmed this time.

I've fallen for you, Valentine!

Pee mine, Valentine!

You deserve to be spoiled, Valentine!

If I can't sleep, you can't sleep, Valentine.

Get fucking MOVING, Valentine

Your new Valentine is named "the dry cleaner."

Happy Valentine's Day to y'all; I hope you are surrounded by love and happiness, and that nothing too atrocious has happened to your sofa. The comments are still broken, and likely will be until I update my whole entire platform and stuff (which...speaking of a whole "Thing"), but until then, you can come share the love over on the Facebook page; I can't promise tummy rubs or treats, but sometimes I get drunk and post music videos of myself doing choreographed dances to rap hits. Because THAT sounds enticing, I know.

Have a wonderful day, pretties! XOXO!

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