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I'm Going To Feel Really Guilty About This If He Kills His Fool Self

February 28, 2011

But in the meantime, before I am wracked by guilt and have to learn how to do penance or something, and seeing as he's so Cured and all, can we just enjoy the beauty of Charlie Sheen's words, as related by the animals? I think we should.

(And, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to add that this was not my idea at all, but Brian's, as we heard that someone had done this with pictures of kittens. Which I am sure is hilarious, but as Brian aptly pointed out, our pets are pretty much always on the verge of an entitled hissy fit breakdown, preferably the type that results in strippers being locked in the bathroom of a hotel suite (and here I am looking at YOU, Mister Bo). Can't you just imagine Bo lighting up a cigarette and screaming that he's a Vatican assassin warlock? Me, too!)

Which is why...this. SORRY I HAD TO. I will be nice again tomorrow!









Heeee, I entertain me. But, in all seriousness, all of us here in Doxieland do sincerely hope Mr. Sheen gets the help he needs, and not via the magnificent pathways of his own brain, as we still think he was just the cutest thing in Ferris Bueller a million years ago. Sheen! Look to Robert Downey, Jr.! Let his adorable success and sobriety be your guide! And stop acting like a little shit, THE END.

Y'all all have a good week, and I'll see you as soon as I'm finished writing the biggest brief that ever briefed; however, if you want updates in between posts, remember that you can always come and play with us here, and enjoy reading me prattle on about hoop skirts or flower thievery or whatever the hell else happens that day. I may not be the most exciting girl in the world, but I promise not to come after you with my fire breathing fists of violent love.

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The More We Know, Profound!

February 01, 2011

This entry doesn't even count because it's administrative and boring,* but I just wanted to let y'all know some various things, which are of varying levels of interestingness -- they are as follows!

*It did turn out better in the end, though. I wasn't even expecting it!

1. I have a Facebook page now! Aren't I big? I know! And I just put up a bunch of my wedding pictures there (with explain-y captions), because I'm a nerdy newlywed who does such things, and it would've taken a jillion years to load them here. So come over and like me (pweeeease?) and then you can be all kinds of hooked-in to the newest generation, or whatever the hell. I can also guarantee that at some point, I will get tipsy and share drunk posts with you. This may happen after lunch.

2. I'm also about to start redesigning this site (finally; I've only been meaning to for a million years). I've already gotten loads of help with this from the gloriously wonderful Cobwebs (this involves me sending her an email every month or so, all, "Um, can you tell me how to get into my site again? The one I've had since...2003? SORRY THX" (to her credit, she hasn't murdered me yet)), but I still can't decide how it should look; do y'all have any...ideas? Should I use drawings? Pictures? Can I make the entire background out of tiled images of me french-kissing my awesome husband? Would that screw with your filters at work?

3. I don't actually have a third thing. So I am just going to show you the cat video again:

Also, everybody's cat stories had me DYING in the last entry. You guys, say more cats-getting-stuck stories! Seriously, I whipped out my blackberry and read them aloud at a dinner party last week. (See how much fun I am to hang out with?) Fortunately, everyone agreed that the stories ruled, and I was not shunned whatsoever.

4. Ooo, actually! One more fun thing I just thought of (although y'all may have seen this on the Facebooks; those of you who have already read the following may be excused now) -- so, I bought this awesome little Japanese camera at Photojojo. It's absolutely tiny, square format, and takes the niftiest pictures, like this:

Out my office window; see how pretty? So pretty! It looks like I understand photography!

But, it lacks instructions in English, and features strange codes and only two buttons, so the thing can be a little confusing. So I went to the manufacturer's website, but that also lacked instructions in English, so I did a Google translate. And this, apparently, is how my new camera works:


Pokedeji in hand, Know the habits of the camera first. This is not just to Pokedeji is true for all cameras.

Knowing the camera first. This is the first step.

Determine the object, taken with the following in mind while testing. How much angle (shooting range), so the situation by reflecting of the sense of distance and close-up of Field or non-Your Pictures in the distant.

Er...okay, so I determine my object by reflecting my sense of...distance in my non-your pictures, or...uh, plus something about shooting range. Yes. Sure, okay. How do you take a picture, though?

Pokedeji shutter speed will take some time to save data, press the shutter. And press the shutter sound is pitch, be patient and wait patiently without complain until a beep is heard again. If you do moves along the way, the picture becomes distorted!

Trick? No no no. Press the shutter again, at the same position as it is motionless!

Did you think this was a trick? No, no no! You just press the shutter and you WAIT PATIENTLY. While not doing moves along the way, you complaining, fidgety brat. Meanwhile, are you confused by the fact that wee camera lacks a view finder? Well, don't worry, all will be explained:

Lens position on but how to take as no viewfinder? The first question out!

Your Pictures will become familiar with your image. Because there is no viewfinder on the contrary, I take too aware of the composition! Or it can be glad they shot pictures and movies that I expected.

So...okay, I can be glad it shot the pictures I expected, and that my pictures will eventually become familiar with my image. But what are all these modes? Whatever do they do?

Pokedeji normal, black, noise, and vivid, You can choose to shoot the four colors! Let's understand what is their favorite color, and reflecting of what situations and how to use color mode!

Oh. Thank you. And, of course, the magnificent ending:

There are many new discoveries and Pokedeji know and love. It is a small camera more we know about profound! I hope you enjoy everyones radiography!

The more we know about profound, indeed! And yes, I am enjoying everyone's radiography; this camera rules.

5. And, that is all; seriously, I know, this doesn't even count as an entry, but I wanted to give you a head's up on my new internetty-ness, and tell you where you can go to check in for more regular updates and stuff. I'm getting confused by things I post on the site and things I post on the Facebook, and I need to get my act together, is what needs to happen; we'll see how that works out.

In the meantime, y'all have a wonderful week, try to stay warm if you are in one of the icy places, and come like me, if you're so inclined -- I hope you enjoy everyone's radiography!

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