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I Interrupt this broadcast

September 26, 2007

I just deleted a VERY LONG ENTRY. By accident. I don't want to talk about it.

Here is the short version of those many, many paragraphs:

It's my Daddy's birthday. As you can imagine, we are feeling especially lucky to have him this year. "Lucky" may have translated to cocktails. I will neither confirm nor deny, but I just ran full-speed into an end table, so you can draw your own conclusions there.

Anyway, I have a ton of pictures to post, and I am believing you pretty people who say that you, too, have pictures to share, and so I set up a Flickr group. But, I am not going to deal with any of that right now, because right now, I AM GOING TO BED. Sleepy in the head! And fall over. Ow to knee, the end. (But hi, new bruise! You look like France!)

I won't totally leave you hanging, though. Want some Bo? Want to see how he sleeps now, every night, like a little brown crazy person? Too bad if you said no!

bo and paintings Aug 23 018.jpg


Honestly, I know it looks absurd, but I didn't put him like that. That's how Bo arranges himself, head on pillow, covers drawn. I don't know how he does it, because I never actually see it happening, but I am pretty sure he has evolved himself some opposable thumbs and is keeping it on the downlow. To which I say: well played, dachshund. You are a crafty, crafty mammal.

But, hello. Speaking of bed, I am about to fall asleep standing up (actually I am sitting, but details are boring), so I am going to go join him. I'll talk to y'all tomorrow, but for now, I just hope I can get my pillow back with a minimum of bloodshed.

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Ooh. That totally sucks. That has happened to me many times. And in the end, let's just say it took wailing of doxie proportions, a few shots of Souther Comfort, and threatening the internet before I finally gave up and realized that Post = gone. For good.

And ya know...it only happens when they are really good, really long entries. Like, genious entries. Nobel Peace Prize blogs. Like we are all guessing The Entry of No Post was supposed to be.

Let the crying ensue. I've got the SoCo in my freezer. And the internet better watch it's back.

Posted by: The Danny | September 27, 2007 01:16 AM

I love the new Bo picture! Since we "only" have cats, and they stay only on top of the covers the fight at night for the covers is probably not as bloody. But looking at the picture - how can you even fight somebody who is that cute!? Surely it is a privilige to sleep on the floor, and Bo certainly will approve......

Posted by: jens | September 27, 2007 05:42 AM

Okay, Miss Doxie, try writing your next post in Word 2007. There's this awesome new feature that lets you create a blog post and then send it to your own blog through shear magic. For me, there's less chance of losing it that way. Anyhow, you probably know that already, and you're thinking why is this crazy Lulu talking to me.

As for Bo, I think you've been reading him too much Animal Farm. Better stop before he takes over your law practice.

Posted by: Lulu | September 27, 2007 06:16 AM


I was starting to get worried. You went out for some mustard and a roll of toilet paper and I never saw you again! Until now, and I am just so very relieved. Dooce and Amalah and those other betches were starting to get a little, well, you know, maybe just a little SLOW, with talk of their kids having melting shit fits over a single spilt Cheerio and kids getting curly hair haircuts that their neurotic mommies are SCARED TO TELL TEH INTERWEBZ about, because o my we cannot traumatize TEH INTERWEBZ with the curly hair haircuts! And anyway poor Amalah is so scared of volcanoes that she probably has a meltdown when I sign her guestbook, because I live in Hawai`i and therefore am sitting here WRITING HER NAME just INCHES AWAY from A BOILING BUBBLING PIT OF FIREY FIRE. But anyway. Did I mention I'm really, really glad you're back? You and Bossy are mah new betches. I hope that's okay. I think you should both come here so we can go drinking.

Aloha from Caroline, Sorry For Hog-Blogging
Punchdrunk After 24 Straight Hours Of Editing
Wahiawa, HI

Posted by: Caroline | September 27, 2007 07:02 AM

OHMYGODIAMDYINGHERE. The expression on Bo's face is killing me.

Posted by: Denise | September 27, 2007 07:15 AM

hahaha, that picture is priceless.

Take care of yourself!

Posted by: Lydia | September 27, 2007 07:20 AM

This is why you should NEVER drink and keyboard. Bad Girl! BAD BAD girl!
Now, go have a glass of wine, say g'night and sleep.

Posted by: Deb | September 27, 2007 07:27 AM

You realize that Bo is planning his world domination.

Posted by: Tania Rochelle | September 27, 2007 07:46 AM

Well, Happy Birthday to the Doxie Daddy! I think I speak for everyone when I say that I'm glad he's recovered so we have you back.

'Cuz it's all about US.

And Bo, evidently.

Posted by: shaxgirl | September 27, 2007 08:32 AM

That picture is KILLING me with the cute. Although, I find it a little...unnerving that he can do that all by himself. Bo cool like that.

Posted by: jive turkey | September 27, 2007 08:48 AM

Happy Birthday Dad!!!! Also, how freaking cute is Bo?

Posted by: Molly | September 27, 2007 09:45 AM

Awww cute! Mr. Bo, he know.

Posted by: janeygirl | September 27, 2007 09:49 AM

Bo is too adorable. If I had a nickel for every time I ran into a table, chair, wall...

Posted by: Andrea | September 27, 2007 10:15 AM

I so feel the need to kiss Bo on the head like I do my children at night.

Happy Birthday Miss Doxie Dad!

Sorry leg.

Posted by: Laura | September 27, 2007 11:05 AM

Sorry to say, Bo is not as unique as Bo would like to think. Mini-long hair doxie Moses, sleeps the exact same way, also on his own, thank you very much. Has for a long time, as he is 13.

Bo no hate Moses!

Posted by: Barbara | September 27, 2007 11:11 AM

Ah-hah! I have discovered the Crap Clubhouse. Can't wait for the pageant to begin.

My dog was technically banned from the bed, but she'd just wait until I got up in the morning; when I'd come out of the shower, there she would be in my bed divot, head on my pillow, sleeping with my husband. Bitch.

Posted by: Tracy27 | September 27, 2007 11:28 AM

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Aw, Bo is so cute. He's so cute in that picture that you almost forget he will CUT YOU. Almost.

I have my own doxie now. He is 1 inch long. He is plastic and came out of a grocery store vending machine for 50 cents. His name is Bubble Neener. Bubble because he came in one of those little bubbles, and Neener because that's what I'm going to name my REAL doxie, when I get one. Because clearly that is what doxies say to their people. They take your pillow, or your chair, or your spot in bed, or your mashed potatoes, or pee on your table, and then they look at you with great defiance and say: "NEENER NEENER NEEEEENERRRR!"

Anyway. Not that I'm a CRAZY PERSON or anything...

Bubble Neener says hi. And then he pees tiny plastic dog pee on my dashboard. Obviously.

Posted by: McKate | September 27, 2007 11:37 AM

That stinks about the long post being erased. Happy Birthday to your dad! Glad he is doing much better!

Love the pic of Bo!!!

Posted by: themuttprincess | September 27, 2007 11:54 AM

Many a morning I wake up and my Terrier, Rufus, is sleeping next to me, tucked under the covers with his head on the pillow. "Go ahead, make yourself comfortable" I say.

Posted by: House of Suz | September 27, 2007 12:22 PM

That picture of Bo? Too too funny!

Happy birthday to your dad. Yesterday was also MY birthday!

Posted by: Beth in WA | September 27, 2007 12:34 PM

you've just given me my first cute attack of the day!

Posted by: rosie | September 27, 2007 01:32 PM

Happy Birthday, DaddyDoxie!!!! Teh interwebs are so happy you are better!

Posted by: missbanshee | September 27, 2007 02:47 PM

Yea, finally I have a chance to post without 80 other people having beaten me to it. So I'm de-lurking.

Great, really great Bo photo, but he has me seriously worried. Like Tania predicted, he's planning to take over the world, in the immortal words of "Pinky & The Brain".

McKate, very funny post, I can just hear you out in the park, calling your dog (when you get one): Neener, Neener, Neeeenerrr. Glad to hear you don't care what people think. It's so limiting. BTW, you wrote about "plastic dog pee on my dashboard", shouldn't that be dachsboard?

OK, so I'm a sucker for puns, any pun, even bad puns. Why are you not surprised? OK, I'll stop now.

Posted by: CAgirl | September 27, 2007 04:10 PM

I hope for your sake he doesn't snore.

Posted by: mommamack | September 27, 2007 05:05 PM

I am so glad that you are back, Miss Doxie.
My friends think that I made you up.
My doxie, Marlee, does something similar. She prefers laying on her side with the covers
just to her neck.

Posted by: Donna | September 27, 2007 06:26 PM

Yep. Happy Birthday, Dad. Glad you're still with us. Hang in there for, oh, another 50 or so years. Hope it was a good party.

And, Bo, "Once upon a time, there was a very handsome boy named Bo, who had very short legs, which is Bo-Land was considered quite chic..."

Posted by: ZaZa | September 27, 2007 06:27 PM

Happy Birthday Miss Doxie's Dad! I'll just raise a little toast myself to all y'all's wellbeing. Is Scotch okay with you? (I know that you have and will raise a glass of vino, but I'm out of that & have a good supply of the smoky, peaty stuff. I think the end result is about the same.)

Bo is just the cutest thing.

Posted by: mbick | September 27, 2007 07:48 PM

That's freakin great! Bo for president!!

Posted by: bethany | September 27, 2007 08:11 PM

I totally have to use that as a background just to get my smile on every day. Hope you don't mind.

...and I'm absolutely captioning it "Bo cut you."

Posted by: Amy | September 27, 2007 10:06 PM


Love that bad little Bo. Tucks himself in and looks all sweet and innocent. But WATCH OUT, Doxie! Don't trust that innocent look. He's got a knife under the pillow, and he knows how to use it, with that opposable thumb and all.

Wishing your dad a happy, happy birthday. So glad he's doing well. Does he realize he gave the internets a scare?

Posted by: Leesavee | September 27, 2007 10:42 PM

My dog does something similar. He's adorable.

Posted by: Maria | September 28, 2007 05:58 AM

omfg...hysterical. oh, and hello, i have a slight blog crush on you. hope you don't mind. anyway..

my pup? he's a puggle. and his name is brutus. and does the exact same thing. i'm all like: "hi, are you a little person now?"

and a happy birthday to your dad...i'm so happy to hear that. (and watch out for those cocktails...they'll get ya.)

xo, bb

Posted by: blogging barbie | September 28, 2007 01:54 PM

omfg...hysterical. oh, and hello, i have a slight blog crush on you. hope you don't mind. anyway..

my pup? he's a puggle. and his name is brutus. and does the exact same thing. i'm all like: "hi, are you a little person now?"

and a happy birthday to your dad...i'm so happy to hear that. (and watch out for those cocktails...they'll get ya.)

xo, bb

Posted by: blogging barbie | September 28, 2007 01:55 PM

Dear Miss Doxie's Daddy:

Do you realize that you gave the internet a heart attack? We love you, and want you happy and healthy and wading around with wee sharks, NOT being sick and good lord, making us scared. We adore your daughter, and we don't want to come to Atlanta to stare at you suspiciously as you go about your day. But we will. Oh yes. We will. So cut it the hell out with the sicky-stuff. Kisses!!!!!

Posted by: missbanshee | September 28, 2007 07:23 PM

Oh, the cuteness! That picture is just too adorable. Okay, I mean, he's tough and all. But CUTE and tough.

Posted by: superblondgirl | September 28, 2007 09:04 PM

Bo go nighty-night. Bo need water. Bo need snack. Bo need night-light. Bo waiting for cover of darkness to attack with hidden knife....Bo just waaaaayyyy too cute!!!
Happy Birthday to the Doxie Dad! So very glad you're well and enjoying some vino on your big day!
Leigh, you always make me smile, or snort Dr. Pepper out my nose. Either/or. Sometimes both. But usually I laugh out loud and my family knows I'm reading your blog.
Keep up the excellent job of entertaining us with your insane life.

Posted by: Blabsalot | September 29, 2007 01:31 AM

Well, I must say, as someone who has purchased your products from the Doxie store (yay weiners for squishing!), that picture of Bo MUST be made into a line of it's own. Get well cards for sure. And maybe one that opens up and says "wanna get naked?", or "I'm dead sexeh". I'd buy that! But for God's sake, make something with that!!!

Posted by: It's Jen | September 29, 2007 12:44 PM

Can I just tell you that's the CUTEST thing EVER? OMG.

Posted by: Nap Queen | September 30, 2007 05:24 PM

Happy (belated) birthday to your Dad!

LOVE the Bo pix. My weiner dog used to sleep the EXACT SAME WAY! Too cute for words.

Posted by: Kath | September 30, 2007 08:48 PM

Holy Shit, Bo sleeps just like my Gaby. She of course has to sleep in the middle coz God forbid I get to close to hubby. Lord knows he BELONGS to her and her only.
Bo is such a darling little dictator. I agree that picture should be made into cards or some kinda cute lil Bo for World Dictator thingy.
Happy late birthday to Doxie daddy, I raise my glass to you and toast to your bday and good health.

Posted by: Tami | September 30, 2007 10:51 PM

My dog often gets under the covers and puts her head on our pillows (husband wakes up in middle of the night and thinks I've grown hairy whiskers). But never has she lain (is that a word?) on her back with her cute little paws like that over the covers. Hysterical.

So sorry you lost your long post (so am I!). Happy b'day to your dad.

Posted by: Mauigirl | September 30, 2007 11:47 PM

Saw this and thought of you!

I wonder if Picasso's Lump ever pulled a Bo?


Posted by: Kath | October 1, 2007 01:53 AM

" Im in ur bed, hogging teh coverz"

(sorry. I couldn't help myself)

Posted by: Contrary | October 1, 2007 10:57 AM

God I love that dog.

Posted by: Serenity | October 1, 2007 02:50 PM

My dog sleeps like that too, but I'm expected to tuck her in at night. Yes, really.

Posted by: Abra Cat | October 2, 2007 06:24 AM

First: Happy (belated) Birthday Doxie-Da! Second: In my experience, ALL dachshunds sleep like that, demanding a proper nightcap and plotting world domination. And through sheer cuteness they will ultimately succeeed, MUWAHAHAHAHA!

Posted by: Sharon | October 2, 2007 09:23 AM

My beagle arranges herself on a bed like that too- (head on the pillow like a person) only she doesn't do the blanket thing....it can be a little disconcerting to rollover to being nose to nose with a snoring dog...but you gotta love em!!

Posted by: Amy | October 2, 2007 02:54 PM

Goddamn is he so frickin cute. You should make little cards w/ him on it, I certainly agree.. but maybe draw a little night cap on him. So cute!

Happy birthday to your daddy.. glad he's w/ you to celebrate!

And ow to your knee. I hope it starts to look a bit smaller.. like New Zealand or something soon!

Posted by: Angel | October 3, 2007 01:24 AM

Awesome Bo picture! I woke up one morning, looked to my left, saw my husband on his right side, then my doxie on his right side, head on my pillow, covers drawn. I shrugged and rolled onto my right side to complete the picture :)

Posted by: ksmaybe | October 3, 2007 12:38 PM

Bo is so friggin cute..it's insane! I'd say I wish my dog would do that but he's 110 pounds and eeesh...there wouldn't be any room left in bed for us if he did that!!!

Posted by: Li'l Foot's Mommy | October 3, 2007 02:42 PM

OMG! That pic of Bo is just priceless. I would love to know how he manages to arrange himself in perfect human sleeping form though! That is too hilarious.

Posted by: Carie | October 4, 2007 01:43 PM

Oh, this is Bo most adorable.

It looks like he's waiting for breakfast in bed, looking just a little uncertain that it might really happen, especially after hearing that loud thud and crash out in the living room.

Posted by: greg | October 4, 2007 11:28 PM

Oh! So cute! I want my pups to do that too!

Posted by: elizabeth | October 5, 2007 01:32 PM

I wish my doxie did that but Bonzai prefers to sleep all bundled up completely in the covers and always touching some part of my body or my husband's.

Posted by: Angela | October 6, 2007 10:16 AM

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