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May 09, 2005

Me = Being skinned alive by new job, but

Me = Still loves you. Really.

You = Patient. And also,

You = Good looking. Did you get a haircut? Is that a new shirt? Because

You = One sexy motherfucker. I'm just saying.

Anyway. Y'ALL. This new job? The one where I am when I go to work in the morning? It is fucking BUSY. They want a lot of this "work" business, at all crazy hours, and apparently it will calm down soon, but right now I am hoping someone will just show up and KILL ME ALREADY because Hoo Boy. Ow, with all the work. It hurts my head part.

I'm only human, Boss People. I know I look capable; that is an illusion! In reality, I don't have the faintest idea of what I am doing! Shh!

But...uh. I couldn't allow this blank screen bullshit anymore, especially after getting a phone call from Aunt Rie (Hi, Aunt Rie!) saying basically, "Honey, they'll think you went and DIED," and a message from Kiefer Twin A, basically reading, "SCREEN IS BLANK AND LONELY, REPEAT, SCREEN BLANK, CALLING EMERGENCY FORCES, OVER AND OUT," and so here I am, at almost midnight on a school night, typing drivel.

Because I love you. It's loving drivel. Don't hate me today. I JUST CAN'T HANDLE IT.

Anyway. I love you. And I will be back in a few days, with something interestinger. Kisses!

P.S.: Dukay says hi. He thinks you look pretty hot, too. Which is why he's in trouble. Damn flirt!

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I AM a sexy motherfucker...you can tell me that all you want! You and Dukay BOTH!

Hope things calm down for you..

Posted by: Kathryn | May 11, 2005 11:50 PM

woot, an update.

I'm a new reader, and I too was glad to see an update. finally.

Posted by: number1hypocrite | May 11, 2005 11:56 PM

Have to admit I was a little worried. Who will notify the internet in case of your death?

Posted by: Anne | May 12, 2005 12:22 AM

So I've been checking...no new post. Checking...no new post. (you get the drift) So, as I'm sitting here getting ready to put my computer to bed, I think to myself, "Self, why don't ya check it ONE MORE TIME." And *GASP*, a new post. In all it's glory! YIPPEE!

Thanks for noticing the new haircut...and the new shirt by the way.

And for the love of all things good, PUHLEASE don't leave me hanging for so long next time.

Thank you and goodnight.

Posted by: Hottie | May 12, 2005 01:15 AM

Oh, color me crimson. I spent the other day hitting "refresh" because, dammit, I was going to scoop all my friends and FOR ONCE be the first to read. I suck at quick, don't I?

Good luck with the work thing. Bosses - pah! Always after you to, like, do something. I hate it when they do that.

Posted by: MissFish | May 12, 2005 01:32 AM

Poor Miss Doxie *huggle* all those damn boss people expect us to do like I don't know, work and shit, at work, who do they think we are?!
I hope life gets less stressful for you soon, I was mixing the Doxie-isms!

Posted by: Moneypenny | May 12, 2005 04:20 AM

Thanks for noticing, I did get my hair done!

Posted by: fifi | May 12, 2005 04:51 AM

Hope you survive the work load. Send some of that my way, I can file like a mofo!


Posted by: Em | May 12, 2005 08:16 AM

So glad you are back. We were worried they had worked you to death in that new job! Hint: don't use the word interestinger in a brief. They won't understand your literary license.

Posted by: Aunt Rie | May 12, 2005 10:05 AM

Yeah, I think we were all getting just a bit worried with the blank screen and all. Thanks for the noticing the shirt...it is new and quite fetching, I might add.

Posted by: Heather | May 12, 2005 11:17 AM

I'm wearing my new periwinkle shirt today, and my office agrees with El Dukay about it's hotness. Only we are all overly polite and proper Christians here, so they may have said something like, "That blouse accentuates the love of Jesus shining forth from your eyes." [I like Dukay's description better but I'll take what I can get] Anyway, I miss you when you are away being crazy, Miss Doxie. Please be crazy around here when you can!

Posted by: renee | May 12, 2005 11:38 AM

I haven't been called a sexy motherfucker in a few days. Thank you for validating my feelings.
I love you.

Posted by: suzanna danna | May 12, 2005 12:49 PM

Don't you hate it when they start with the work thing? You've got a blog to run. You've got readers! Awards, even! And a blank front page. Enough with the work. What is UP with these people's priorities?

I refrained from e-mailing you about your blank page because I thought "everyone on earth is right now e-mailing her, if not actually calling on the phone, to say her page is blank." But I thought of you yesterday -- I was blogging female pubic hairstyle trends and linked to your Morgan Fairchild post, and re-read it in the process, and P.S.: Ewwww.

Posted by: Gretchen C. | May 12, 2005 01:14 PM

You like us. You reeeeally like us. I'm so glad.

Posted by: VeeBeeWhy | May 12, 2005 01:50 PM

You = worth waiting for :D

Posted by: lizardek | May 12, 2005 02:08 PM

Tell Dukay that what you need is another 23 hours in Philadelphia, only this time it doesn't involve cabbies who hate Madonna.

Posted by: Coleen | May 12, 2005 02:16 PM

Missed you Doxie woman!

It's a new bra actually, maybe that's what makes you think its a new shirt? Hmmmm, could be. Thanks for noticing.... sorta.

Oh yeah, Hi Dukay!!

Good luck on the new job Doxie honey. I hope it calms down for you pronto!

Mush love!

Posted by: Scarlett Cyn | May 12, 2005 04:47 PM

Thanks for the Status Report! All Clear! Emergency Forces are standing down now. And I did get a haircut, how did you know?! (Personally, I think I like to be called a "hot slut" more than "sexy motherfucker".)
I'm sure your bosses are amazed at your awesomeness. I think they are trying to keep you busy to keep you from taking all of their jobs! PS Do they know you are a ninja?

Posted by: Kiefer Twin A | May 12, 2005 06:00 PM

Finally, someone noticed the 3 pounds I lost. Glad to hear you're alive. I thought you were mad at us. :)

Posted by: karla | May 13, 2005 10:12 AM

Quality can't be rushed, and flattery will get you everywhere! Be well, and we, your faithful readers, will patiently wait for new posts, secure in the knowledge that the funny is on the way.

But we will worry about you from time to time. It's part of our burden to bear as devoted fans.

Posted by: TheMac | May 13, 2005 11:43 AM

Thought maybe I was the only one who couldn't read your latest post..but it actually wasn't there... so hallelujah you're back and don't be mad at Dukey for flirting. I know I certainly needed the ego boost and the laugh today! Good luck w/ the job!

Posted by: roguedevyl | May 13, 2005 02:18 PM

OK, I like being called a sexy motherfucker as much as anyone, but do you think that your audience will just ROLL OVER and FORGIVE if you say sweet things?

Well, yeah, we will, but still, we'll feel deprived by all the blank screens until you overcome your fatigue to give us the merest morsel of Doxieness.

And aren't you working for your father? Can we blame him? After all, Dukay can't always be the vilain, and father's are often a good target for blame.

Posted by: Mark | May 15, 2005 06:54 AM

father's = fathers


Posted by: Mark | May 15, 2005 06:55 AM

(embarrassment) vilain? At least I wasn't an English major, but haven't I HEARD of spell check?

*slinks off, embarrassment intact.*

Posted by: Mark | May 15, 2005 06:58 AM

Ooooh - thank you so much! I thought it was my shoes but perhaps my new "naturally blond" hair is helping sexify me a bit.

I hate that the lawyering is often riddled with nasty and greedy demands on one's time. Why can we not spend all of our days by the pool with a frosty drink in hand? Why the billable hour? Why the frantic emergencies? Why can the clients not perhaps plan ahead a bit rather than thinking of fun lawyer projects on Friday afternoons? Why no margaritas during conference calls?

Hope things settle down soon for you in the new job.

Posted by: Beth | May 15, 2005 05:09 PM

Whew, I was worried. Don't worry about the job- they will love you just like we do!

Posted by: Brighton | May 16, 2005 07:48 PM


Posted by: buycheapphentermine | May 17, 2005 12:22 PM

Heh. It's only a different hairdo, but thanks for noticing, I do feel quite the hot stuff today, and you just proved me right.

Glad to have you back, thankful or getting rid of the blank screen of death.

Thanks to Aunt Rie and Kiefer Twin for making you come to your senses !

Always a pleasure to read you and Hi Dukay!

Posted by: Mxlgirl | May 17, 2005 04:42 PM

okay, just so everyone knows, the 'it's a new shirt and it's a new hairdo' jokes are SO lame...

Posted by: dandy lion | May 18, 2005 05:36 PM

Awww, come on Dandy... Don't be so sad.

Posted by: Vee | May 18, 2005 05:55 PM

ya know, that sexy motherfucker thing only works for a week..so um, yeah, not working anymore...

Posted by: heather | May 19, 2005 05:02 PM

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